NonMiPiaceIlCirco! Project:

China Chat (Bam Balam Records, 2021)
These musical comic strips were born from my lyrics,  while I used to live mainly in Hangzhou. I wanted to imprint in my mind everything I could learn from this Chinese experience. I had wanted to live in China for over ten years. I didn't care that it was a strong economy, that wasn't the reason. I wanted to live and breathe with my own eyes the great Asian country, another cradle of humanity. Walking where communism, good and evil, made history. P.S. It is full of special guests and it is only available in paper version. click here to see and listen to an excerpt.
China chat Front Cover.jpg
Mantra Marx  (Zenapolae, 2019 [English & Chinese version])
(Spheredelic, 2019 [German version])

I took Capital from the shelf to read again. I got rid of guitars and songs to give a didactic approach to the music. 25 tracks, one for each of Volume 1's 25 chapters. I use the lyrics as Hindu-style mantras. The music, besides being lo-fi and badly made, is just an excuse. The lyrics are a summarized version of the aforementioned book, spoken by 25 different native Mandarin voices, completely unaware of the reason behind the recording. P.S. I played the Guqin here.

Let's Get Away from  here (English & Italian version, Seahorse Recordings, 2016)

Album recorded thanks to the precious advice, mixing, production of Christopher Sprake of Last Match Recordings in Melbourne, Australia. 11 songs poised between indie rock, songwriting and experimentalism. The concept is the integration of migrants, as I am.  Except the guitars of the song Charlie, played by Chris, I played all the other instruments.

P.S. Wonderful front cover by Giacomo Vella (Zazà Comics) but Seahorse recordings has done a bad job of promotion.

A Kind of World (Silbermedia, 2014)

I have been a big SilberMedia fan since forever. But I did not have a chance to release any work for them. When I asked Brian (Vlor, Remora's John Mitchell) if I can compose something for his label, he told me, "look, we have this 5in5 EP series, fancy trying?" So 5 songs, 1 minute each. It was composed and recorded in the US, Mexico and Australia. I think it was the most difficult album to compose, but it was worth the best review ever by Beach Sloth.

P.S. There are no words in the front cover, just a photo shot in Cuba and staged by myself.

Gesu' Clonato e l'Anticristo Vegetariano (Ahimsa/Believe/Simple/Medea, 2012)

This is an unusual soundtrack. My friend Paolo Ricci wrote a novel entitled, in fact, The Cloned Jesus and the Vegetarian Antichrist in which the stories of these two mutual antagonists are told. I was struck by it, it was the first novel in Italian that really spoke about the problem of animal rights. With the help of Massimiliano Ferrari of the jazz trio Triband, I composed very 70's-inspired music, reciting the first chapter of the novel.

P.S. The novel became a movie afterwards: Green Man.

Just a Bunch of Unresolved Cases (MovimentoFlaneur/Believe 2010)

This is an important record in my artistic career. First of all because it's the first to be sung in English and from here on the line up of the project NonMiPiaceIlCirco! will always be different. It was recorded in Russia, in Moscow in a studio that no longer exists. Arslan Miroslav is on guitars. The concept is the 11 most common unsolved mysteries in the world.

P.S. Thanks to its sound we were able to tour Canada.

Scimmie Arrabbiate e Stupidi Compromessi (Dedalo Sound 2008)
This is the last album in a usually trio line-up and which has a full rock flavour. It was recorded completely in my former studio in Italy and mixed at Bi-OS Productions.
P.S. Except 1 song, there are only piano and drums.
La Solita Giornata Felice (Flaneur Produzioni, 2006)
Con una Macchia d'Asfalto sul Viso (Flaneur Produzioni, 2004)

These are the first 2 albums.  The sound quality is terrible due to a lack of money and experience, but they contains a few songs that are very important for our fans.

P.S. The song CacciaIlCacciatore (HuntTheHunter) was used for the eponymous campaign against hunting by Oipa.

Siete Vivi (PDD) - Live@ClubGiallo(MI) - 20/06/08 
Nell'Aria con poco - Unplugged@RadioOkMusik - 10/12/06

In the period when NonMiPiaceIlCirco! was more a band than a purely artistic project, two live albums were released.

P.S. There are two unreleased tracks, one with Paolo Ricci's poems, the other with lyrics by Amnesty International about the death penalty. Thanks to my picture for the Siete Vivi front cover, I understood this project can be more than songs.



Media Virality and the Lockdown Aesthetic: Like a Cloud

The term “quarantine” comes from the Italian word, “quarantina”, which means “forty days”. I found it sadly amusing that the UK government wants travellers and people with coronavirus symptoms to do a 14 day quarantine instead of 40 days. [..}While I was blue, laying down on my bed, I looked up, through my window. I live in an attic, so some of my windows are in the ceiling. I saw another kind of blue: the sky...

Cercano Volontari - a novel about my grandfather life during the Italian colonization of Ethiopia


Copertina Cercano  Volontari PREABIANCA
Italian Lessons - Italian grammar in music to help my students understand this language better.
Eat, Listen, Love Italian - an interactive guide to learn Italian grammar through examples and videos
YogAttitudini - These cards are for those who already know that yoga is not simply physical exercises.
ABC Italian: survival kit -  it is a compendium, useful for clarifying your doubts about the Italian language.
Animalismo. Uno stile educativo consapevole (Montecovello) - essay about animal rights and vegetarianism. P.S. the husky in the frontcover is Iron, my dog who died in 2012.
Bimbi Vegan (Terra Nuova Edizioni) - I am proud of having translated Sandra Hood's book. It is a practical guide to getting your baby started on vegan food.
Ieri mi hai salvato la vita; Il complemento di Risultato (Ahimsa Edizioni)
These two short novels were my first attempts to write something different from songs and poems. 100 copies were published of each and then they ended up on this website, a Bailador webzine partner.
EP and Polluted  are two short movies shot to pay tribute to pigeons and cycle lanes in Milan. I sent them to Lars Von Trier, who gave me the Dogme 95 certificate. It is somewhere in the library catalogue at the Sociology Department of the University of Copenhagen.
Nietzsche ti chiamava cancro  is a video shot for NonMiPiaceIlCirco!'s 3rd album in Florence. I used a very old camera. When you have a good idea, nothing fancy is necessary.
nietzsche Cropped.jpg
Majakovskij Blues is a video shot for GO.R Project, an introspective album by Rosso Fluido's lead singer. Because the lyrics are by the Soviet Poet and I used to live in Moscow, by coincidence I shot it around Majakovskaja metro station which contains a beautiful murals dedicated to him.
majakovskij Cropped.jpg
Pionere dello sport - Roberto Gollo (Rosso Fluido) made the video graphics and I composed some music for a celebration of sport players at Accademia di Brera, Milan.
Here are 2 compilations, Go Flaneur Go and Veri Streing, for my former label which gathered some of the artists I produced and recorded during those years when the internet just arrived in Italy.
Under my former label, I had the honour to mix and record this Rosso Fluido album (and played the piano) and be part of the composition and recording for Lexus's first album.
Uncle Mad's Farm - a children song. Me and some friends of mine created this song just for fun and understanding how it would be to compose something for younger listeners.
Scene 3 (0-00-07-24).jpg
Empathetic Walking Panel - In 2018, my feature in  the Live Installation by Kim Engelen, in Hangzhou, China.
Italian Alphabet and Sc - This is an educational song I composed for Alma Edizioni, one of the main publisher of textbooks in Italian.